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SciPhi™ Reverse Transcription cDNA Synthesis Kit

SciPhiTM Reverse Transcription cDNA Synthesis Kit
Catalog Number
  • NXG787–L     : 200 Reactions
  • NXG787-M     : 100 Reactions
  • NXG787-S      : 50 Reactions
  • NXG787-XS   : 10 Reactions

Product Description

  • High Sensitivity: SciPhi™ Reverse Transcription cDNA Synthesis Kit allows reverse transcription of RNA sample amount ranges from 0.02–2 μg total RNA.
  • Protocol Time: 120 Minutes
  • SciPhi™ Reverse Transcriptase: SciPhi™ Reverse Transcriptase is an RNA dependent DNA polymerase with RNase H activity contains 50 units per microlitre.
  • Final cDNA Size: Kit can generate up to 7 kb cDNA.
  • High Scale-up Capacity: The reaction setup size can be 20 – 100 μl, producing up to 10 μg of cDNA in a single reaction tube.
  • Template Compatibility: Kit can work with diverse RNA templates including GC- and AU-rich targets and low-expressed RNAs.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: Kit provides a 10-fold greater dynamic range than other kits.
  • Applications:
    • RT-PCR
    • Traditional PCR
    • Microarrays and
    • cDNA archive generation.
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Components and their Storage

Components Storage
SciPhi™ Reverse Transcriptase -20°C
SciPhi™ 10X RT Buffer -20°C
SciPhi™ 100mM, 25X dNTP mix -20°C
SciPhi™ 10X Random Primers -20°C

Storage Conditions
Keep the item stored at a temperature of -20°C until it is ready for use. It is important to avoid subjecting the item to repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Additional Recommendations:

  • It is recommended to use disposable gloves, RNase and DNase free filter tips, and plastics.
  • Reagents should be thawed on ice.
  • Before use, mix and spin down the solutions to ensure maximum recovery.
  • Do not vortex the Enzymes.
  • Centrifuge briefly to prevent bubbles in the wells.