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SciPhiTM Optical Adhesive Film

SciPhiTM Optical Adhesive Film
Catalog Number
  • NXG882-L     : 100 Covers
  • NXG882-S     : 25 Covers

Product Description

  • Low Evaporation: SciPhiTM Optical Adhesive Film acts as a sealer to reduce sample evaporation and offers protection against well-to-well contamination
  • Compatibility: Compatible with both 96-well and 384-well plates. It can be use with Applied Biosystems’ Veriti, ProFlex, and QuantStudio systems as well as other leading brands of thermal cyclers and Real Time PCR machines.
  • Precision in Real-Time: 100films per pack, made up of polyester to ensure precise real-time data.
  • Secure and Interference-Free: The pressure-sensitive adhesive tightly seals each well that prevents well-to-well cross contamination and also, films does not interfere with sample reading.
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