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SciPhi™ First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

SciPhiTM First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
Catalog Number
  • NXG777-M     : 40 Reactions
  • NXG777-XS    : 10 Reactions

Product Description

  • Sensitivity: Kit allows reverse transcription of RNA sample volume ranges from 1 pg to 1 μg.
  • Seamless Fast protocol: Complete the cDNA synthesis process in just 30 minutes.
  • SciPhiTM Reverse Transcriptase: The RT enzyme included in the kit is highly effective in transcribing RNA Templates, ensuring reliable results even with GC Rich and difficult templates.
  • RNase H Activity: SciPhiTM Reverse Transcriptase is RNA dependent DNA Polymerase with significantly reduced RNase H activity can synthesise upto 11 kb cDNA .
  • Broad Temperature Range: Broad working temperature range 42°C to 57°C.
  • SciPhiTM Enhancer : SciPhiTM Enhancer for RT included in the kit which eliminates the need for separate DNase I treatment and prevents genomic DNA carryover contamination.
  • RNase Inhibitor: Included in the kit to maintain the the integrity of RNA samples.
  • Primers: Oligo dT and Random Hexamers are included in kit for different priming methods.
  • Applications: First Strand cDNA synthesis, 2 Step RT-qPCR
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Storage Conditions
Keep the item stored at a temperature of -20°C until it is ready for use. It is important to avoid subjecting the item to repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Additional Recommendations:

  • It is recommended to use disposable gloves, RNase and DNase free filter tips, and plastics.
  • If DNaseI treatment has been done, RT Enhancer is not needed.
  • Reagents should be thawed on ice.
  • Before use, mix and spin down the solutions to ensure maximum recovery.
  • Do not vortex the SciPhiTM RT Enzyme Mix.
  • Centrifuge briefly to prevent bubbles in the wells.