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SciPhiTM PCR Cloning Kit

SciPhiTM PCR Cloning Kit

Catalog Number

  • NXG366 – M  :           20 Reactions
  • NXG366 – S   :           10 Reactions
  • NXG366 – XS:           05 Reactions

Product Description

  • PCR Product Cloning: Fast and highly efficient PCR cloning kit for PCR product generated with any type of DNA polymerase.
  • Universal: Both Blunt and Sticky-end DNA fragments can be cloned with the kit (supplied with SciPhi™ Blunting Enzyme).
  • Fast Protocol: PCR cloning in 5-30 minutes for 6 bp – 10 kb DNA fragments.
  • Positive Selection: No blue/white screening required, saves time and resources.
  • SciPhi™ Cloning Blunt Vector: Blunt cloning vector contains T7 promoter for sequencing of the insert.
  • Selection Marker: Ampicillin (AmpR)
  • Applications:
    • PCR product cloning for blunt end and 3′-dA overhang PCR products (6 bp – 10 kb).
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